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How COSDA Began?

A brief history of COSDA

July 18, 1984

A pre-planning committee met headed by Earl Lindsey, Alabama Department of Rehabiliation Services, State Coordinator of Deaf Services. The committee consisted of representatives from the Alabama Institute of the Deaf and Blind, Program for Exceptional Children and Youth, Alabama Assocation of the Deaf, Speech and Hearing Assocation of Alabama, Alabama Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, Alexander Graham Bell Assocation for the Deaf, and what was then the Division of Rehabilitation and Crippled Children Services. Their intention was to address the need for an organizational forum to discuss issues of common concern. It was the unanimous decision of this group that such an organization was long overdue. It was further agreed to host an organizational meeting of the Council of Organizations Serving Deaf Alabamians (COSDA).

September 18, 1984

The organizational meeting took place on this date at the independent Living Center in Birmingham. Twenty-nine agencies and organizations were represented. Mr. Lindsey recongized the important purpose of the meeting in his opening comments, and was quoting as saying, “Hopefully, this day will be looked upon as the beginning of an effort that will make a tremendous impact on deafness in Alabama.”

At the organizational meeting, the orginal COSDA bylaws were adopted and the first slate of officers was elected: Earl Lindsey, President; Doug Patterson, President-Elect; Tammy Adams, Secretary; and Roy Price, Treasurer.

COSDA Current Officers

Deaf Support Specialist, ADRS in Tuscaloosa
(205) 210-4067 – VP

Beth Overland | President

Career/Technical Ed. Director, ASD – Talladega
(256) 474-4299 – VP

Joshua Sharpton | President-Elect

Case Manager for the Deaf, Regional Center – Birmingham
(205) 623-0072 – VP

Wendy Lozynsky | Secretary

Case Manager for the Deaf, Regional Center – Talladega
(256) 474-0114 – VP

Fred Miller | Treasurer